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Eighty percent of affiliate programs now use revenue participation or paid sales (SPA) as a clearing method, 19 percent of usage costs per share (CPA), and other programs use other methods such as cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per mile (CPM, cost per estimate of 1000 views). [22] Some merchants operate their own (internal) affiliate programs with dedicated software, while others use third-party intermediaries to track traffic or sales that are run by related companies. There are two types of affiliate management methods that are used by merchants: stand-alone software or hosted services, commonly referred to as affiliate networks. Payments to related companies or publishers can be made through networks on behalf of the reseller, network, consolidated through all merchants with whom the publisher has a relationship with the publisher and has earned commissions, or directly through the merchant himself. The market has grown in complexity, which has led to the emergence of a secondary player level, including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialized third parties. [Citation required] There are three main ways to find affiliate programs for a target website: An affiliate agreement is a contract between the two parties: the host or the business offer and the affiliate. Like any other type of contract or agreement, it is important to put this affiliate agreement in writing. In February 2000, Amazon announced that it had received a patent [17] for components of an affiliate program. The patent application was filed in June 1997, which preceded most affiliate programs, but not PC Flowers (October 1994), (October 1995), (January 1996), EPage (April 1996) and a few others. [18] Since the advent of affiliate marketing, there has been little control over affiliate activities. Unscrupulous affiliates have used spam, fake ads, forced clicks (to put tracking cookies on users` computers), adware and other methods to drive traffic to their sponsors. Although many affiliate programs have terms of use that contain rules against spam, this marketing method has proven to be an abuse by spammers in the past. Affiliate marketing has grown rapidly since its inception.

Considered a marketing toy at the beginning of the Internet, the e-commerce website has become an integrated part of the overall business plan and, in some cases, has grown into a larger business than the existing offline business. According to one report, the total turnover generated by affiliate networks in 2006 was $2.16 billion in the United Kingdom. Revenue was estimated at $1.35 billion in 2005. [19] MarketingSherpa`s research team estimated that in 2006, subsidiaries worldwide earned $6.5 billion in bonuses and commissions from a multitude of sources in the retail, personal finance, gambling, gambling, travel, telecommunications, education, publishing and leading generation of contextual advertising. [20] Affiliate agreements can be entered into by any type of business, from the individual entrepreneur to the business.

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