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However, a clarification may be desirable in the case of 0 (zero) or if a figure in a contractual clause is remarkably low (for example. B, as in “the purchase price of the shares is 1 euro (one euro)”), without having any context for clarification or justification. Ordinals (numbers of cardinals) should not be abbreviated as a figure extended to st, nd, rd or th. If you shorten them, you never spell 2d or 3d (or their largest ordinals that end on -2d or -3d). The score of this variant uses the same values as the 500 standard. If the partnership receives the required number of points, the two points (whole points or half points, depending on the variation) and if they do not, they lose the two points (full or half). If one of the remaining three players wins a sting, that player receives ten points. Neither wreil nor open ered is usually allowed in this variant, because it is too easy to win. As the partnership changes with each round, there are no fixed teams and each player plays for himself. This will increase the dynamics and new strategies will emerge.

In other variants, the person who wins the bid also has the option to use “Declare.” Such a declaration entitles the winner of the offer to receive a card from his partner after being deposited by the kitten or the blind. The partner chooses his best card and hands it undercover to the winning bidder, who must then deposit an additional card to keep a hand of ten cards. The winning bidder now plays without the partner`s help against the opponents and must make the ten stitches. If such an offer is not successful, it is valued at 500 euros (negative 500). In the American game, there is only one betting round, each player having a chance to offer or adapt. The player who makes the successful bid then collects the kitten. This player sorts by his hand and throws away the three least useful cards (or five in the case of a deck of 45 cards) (possibly including cards recovered by the kitten) and deposits them undercover; the cards deposited no longer play any role in the hand. A player may choose not to offer or “pass.” The offer is made clockwise around the table, with each player passing or making an offer with a higher score.

A player who leaves cannot make an offer in this hand. In some versions, no trump game (including Misére), the only asset is the Joker (the best card) and it has no color. There are no bows and all the valets fall between the lady and the highest number card (ten, twelve or thirteen) of her respective colors. Players should always follow the color and can use the joker to only outperform a sting if they can`t track the color. A player can make a shot with the joker by indicating the color to follow, but by not naming any color for which the player has previously claimed to be invalid. [10] In some variants, a player must not be “renegade” with the Joker – that is, use it as a card of a color in which the player has already claimed to be invalid (unless the Joker is the only card in the player`s hand). In some variants, the Joker can only be played as a first or last card in a single color. The context is to enhance security: by writing a number in numbers and words, it is thought that if a printing error (the figure) appears in the final version, its expression should clarify in words what was actually agreed.

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