I’m one part of a typical family couple balancing two kids, work, mortgage, uncontrollable garden and probably too many pets.

Our house in the Perth hills is a constant work in progress and after nearly fifteen years, I am almost ok with not having a real door on the ensuite. 

Being in the bush or near water is my happy place and getting out at least once a day is an absolute must for my sanity.  I love exploring the bush around us and try to get out most days with a couple of dogs in tow. Occasionally one of my lazy teenagers is motivated enough to join me

As for work , well I never had a clear plan for my future and have always followed my interests and skills, hence my unusual multi-industry bio.

I waitressed in a café then eventually worked my way to manager.  I tried vet nursing, loved the business more than the role and spent many years working my way up to then embracing practice management. Here I was limited only by the legal requirement to marry or become a vet to own the business; neither were great options for me at the time.  Next it was a move into manufacturing where the operational and training aspect soon captured my interest.

But I really hated being boxed into one role, preferring to be a master of everything.  And so my consultancy life began.

Along the way I gathered a few pieces of paper with my name and stamps on them; Diploma of business, lead auditor, trainer assessor, and most recently one with health and safety words on it.  But as important as these pieces of paper are in a resume, true credibility comes from solid industry experience. A proven track record, and people saying the right things about you; even if sometimes they are not the things you want to hear at the time. We learn from mistakes, not from easy success.

Through everything systems, process and training have been my driving passions.  People flourish (and stay) when given the right resources and opportunities.  Grow the people and your business will grow too. Allow them to stagnate and your business will flatline.


This was, and will always be, the inspiration behind Vital Signs.

Bringing learning to life.