Quickly afterward, Cortana got power over the latest ship

Cortana and you can John-117, apparently truly the only survivors of Pillar from Autumn ‘ s team after the Battle away from Installation 04, found some almost every other UNSC professionals that had fled the fresh new ring-in a Pelican dropship. Knowing that brand new Pelican wasn’t with the capacity of traveling a lot of time distances, John-117, and Cortana and also the Pelican’s five-son crew, battled the ways onto the Covenant leading Ascendant Justice. She managed to increase on the ship’s guns and you may Slipspace capabilities, able to publish they in order to light rate lower than Threshold’s conditions. She upcoming returned brand new survivors to reach, where group assisted to conserve survivors of one’s Raid from Visited, and additionally the lady “mother,” Dr. Halsey.

Cortana indicated that she had taken a lot of data of Halo, while the natural quantity of suggestions reduce towards the the lady running strength and you can slowed her down. Through the the girl big date towards the Ascendant Fairness, Cortana displayed uncharacteristic behavior and additionally anger, distraction, and mind-question – indicative you to she pancy. ┬áDr. Halsey removed certain study of this lady recollections giving their significantly more thinking room, and additionally data regarding Sergeant Johnson’s immune protection system into Flood – a result of Boren’s Problem.

It had been together with showed that throughout Cortana’s day with the Ascendant Justice, she had seized a Covenant AI, decompiled┬áthe fresh AI and copied a couple of the features: the capacity to translate Covenant message, plus the power to do incomplete clones of itself.

Ascendant Fairness was efficiently bonded having UNSC Gettysburg. It had been at this point you to Cortana learned of a well planned Covenant physical violence on the planet. John-117, along with SPARTAN Bluish People and you will an expendable duplicate of Cortana (with all the studies the true Cortana had she are simply also valuable in order to exposure), perform later on play Process: First strike.

Since it turned out, the Covenant AI that Cortana had decompiled got was able to, before its bring, publish a message along side Covenant Battlenet, alerting new Covenant of their ship’s bring and you will sending the necessary calculations getting a sub-atmospheric Slipspace diving. All the information was later on used by the fresh Prophet from Regret so you’re able to enter into Slipspace best over The fresh new Mombasa during the Race regarding Mombasa.

This type of capabilities, together with her chatrandom support exclusive information about the newest Halos, generated this lady extremely rewarding towards UNSC

John-117 and you can Cortana do afterwards go back to World, of which section Cortana passed most of the sensitive investigation during the the lady hands off to ONI, regardless if she kept onto the List and you will frequently still had certain studies into Halo network as well as critical information about the brand new Ark.

Battle away from Environment

Immediately after back into World, Cortana served with the Orbital Safeguards Platform Cairo, in which a ceremony for SGT Johnson, John-117 and you may CDR Miranda Keyes is soon disrupted of the coming off good Covenant Collection in demand of Higher Prophet away from Be sorry for, undertaking the fight from World. Cortana got control of the fresh Cairo ‘ s Magnetic Accelerator Cannon so you’re able to hold back the newest invaders, sufficient reason for John-117’s let, she effectively deactivated a good Covenant bomb that would has actually missing this new channel. She performed that it from the publishing to help you John-117’s armour once again for the first time since the need out-of Ascendant Fairness. Whenever she did that it, she for some reason been able to take action as a consequence of him simply pressing the newest terminal the woman hologram is towards the, possibly an improvement down to John-117’s the fresh new age bomb ended up being utilized by SPARTAN-117 so you’re able to destroy a beneficial Covenant Assault Company. John provided on her to keep at the rear of to the channel once she asserted that their package is actually crazy, however, she decided to supplement him in any event. [16] She after that aided him when he found its way to The new Mombasa so you’re able to handle a great Scarab. [17]