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The Chief Executive advises the EPI on the names and locations of all affected staff members who are PSA members and who are not provided by confirmation or reassignment. This consultation must be provided at least one month before the date on which surplus staff are to be laid off. If circumstances warrant, this date may be changed with the agreement of the Chief Executive and the EPI. Additional information is provided to the EPI upon request. (c) if the worker chooses the transfer to the new employer, the worker is not entitled to the termination of the employment relationship at the Agency (or the payment of the wage instead of the latter) under this agreement. This agreement will be available as a collective agreement for new employees who do not apply to employees whose positions are excluded under the above clause, in accordance with the Employment Relations Act 2000. The ERO will create an opportunity that will allow employees to exchange salaries for additional leave and to have banks leaving for future use. This will only be made available to officers in accordance with the DCE and subject to the policies agreed between IMO and EPI. In the event of an overstaffing situation, the Chief Executive may, after consultation with the EPI, confirm in the same position or in a similar position, or reassign to the workers concerned an alternative position for which they are able to reassign them. This may include mediation to an appropriate agency within an existing agency or a new structure or agency set up as part of the restructuring. The parties also agree that the option of severance pay may be considered on a case-by-case basis at any stage, depending on the circumstances and the agreement of the parties. b) an agreement is reached between the candidates who will be transferred to the candidates if there is a clear preference among potential candidates to increase other options under this agreement. Sick leave can be accumulated for up to 260 days.

This maximum entitlement covers any right to sick leave granted for previous services under the Common Public Service Commissions, under the sick leave policy of the ERO (current or other – called “frozen”) or under the provisions of previous collective agreements. Under the “Sick Leave” Directive, which applies to workers in the education sector, he will credit 50 days of sick leave on the basis of the employee who has proof of the previous law. Other workers may apply for their existing benefit to be credited for sick leave if they are eligible under Clause 7.4. The tables below list the salary milestones for directors and business assistance managers within the Business Enablement Group for the period covered by this agreement. 7.5.8 A worker may anticipate annual leave by mutual agreement with his supervisor and, if necessary, be reimbursed in the event of resignation. An employee may retire voluntarily or for medical reasons with the approval of the Director General. Before the expiry of the contract date, the contracting parties may, by written agreement, amend one or all of the provisions, including the expiry date. During the discussion on working time, ErO/PSA ends the importance of well-being for ERO staff. Work requirements mean that sometimes a few days are long due to travel or school/service requirements.

We expect managers/collaborators to work together and collaboratively to cope with these schedules by offering adequate flexibility, offering the opportunity to update and manage time to allow the use of holidays, and to reflect on the practice of our work.

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