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United Nations Development Programme, calls for the provision of the services of a consultant for the provision of on-demand document translation services for a period of 3 years (languages: English, French) IC 04-06-2017 – Framework contract (Individual consultant under a framework agreement) for the provision of on-demand document translation services for a period of 3 years (languages: English, French) Add framework agreement to one of your lists below or create a new list. . Interested advisors may submit their proposals in accordance with the format and instructions of the consultation document no later than 10 July 2017 at 12:00 GMT+1; When awarding specific contracts, the parties may not make any substantial changes to the framework contract. in the case of framework contracts without a new call for tenders by applying the conditions laid down in the framework contract A framework contract, a framework contract or a specific contract under a framework contract may be amended, in one of the following cases, without further procurement procedure, if there is a specific payment account or payment instrument, a framework contract is necessary. specific contracts on the basis of a framework contract for contracts with a value of less than EUR 300000: framework contract or Call for consultation open to all consultants who have the required expertise. Specific contracts on the basis of framework contracts shall be awarded under the conditions laid down in the framework contracts. The duration of a framework contract may not exceed four years, except in exceptional cases duly justified, in particular by the purpose of the framework agreement. This Chapter shall apply to individual payments which are not covered by a framework contract. If the framework contract so provides, the payment service provider may charge a fee for the revocation. . The framework sales contract and the purchase and sale contract were signed shortly thereafter. .

Your comment could not be sent because of a problem. A service contract (use of the existing framework contract). It is not mandatory for specific contracts concluded under the framework contract. . . .

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