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If you see the three letters CNF together, in terms of shipping, the acronym means “Net Freight Cost.” It is a transit agreement through which the seller pays for the delivery of the item to the port closest to the buyer, but it does not include insurance costs. Therefore, the buyer must pay for the insurance from his place of origin to the final destination. If you see CIF, it`s like CNF, but the seller requires you to buy insurance to send the item to the destination port. You can add z.B. the “hard” rule to the agreement that makes the seller responsible not only for loading on board, but also for proper storage. Although the Incoterms were introduced as rules for international trade, they can also be used for national agreements. The Incoterm for shipping mode should be included in a commercial contract or contract during the engagement process. In the event of a dispute, the contract can be consulted to determine which party is responsible and to find a solution. Therefore, any agreement should be carefully considered by both parties before approving the terms. If the seller does not want to use your national laws, you can choose to choose laws from a national country.

Yes, of course, you can use PayPal to pay for the order. In addition, I contacted the Woodland Group via its contact form and asked how best to do it, but they have not yet responded. Hopefully a breakdown in their website instead of ignoring the small order. But I also have a few small questions. These are smaller goods compared to others (based on blog comments). I handed over the supplier for more details on this CIF courier, so Fingers crossed a new FBA seller and I found my product and I slam my head against my desk trying to discover this shipping process. I am happy to send 500 units to my home with dhl delivery or Express ups. I received a quote from “EXW hangzhou .50 /unit for fedex shipping”. If I use Fedex to send my products, why should exW be needed? These are light units under 1lb. I am just trying to move from point A, from China, to the east coast of the United States. As this is my first time, I want to know how easy it is and it seems to me that I can not find this answer, then pay the supplier for the goods and shipping and wait for your order to arrive.

As you would expect from the previous response, the CNF seller`s obligations are linked to the country of origin. If this is not possible, place the order through Alibaba , you get commercial protection. I do a lot of shipping from China to the United States.

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