Brand new aeroplane more than you can even go droppin’ bombs sometime, But lyin’ on your own dug-aside you’re unlucky while ‘it

The brand new long trench, bending, turning, wanders wayward Hialeah eros escort as a great rlver From poppy-herbs blooming from the grasses dewy moist, The fresh new buttercups stay shyly in addition to daisies nod and you will quiver, Where the brilliant defiant bayonets rim the brand new sandbagged parapet, On the quiet start the fresh new trenches keep a danger and an excellent hazard.

We do not wade here, we do not go here!

The final light night streamer satisfies paradise using its fist, The fresh huge night’s starry legion directs its basic lone herald celebrity, Around the bay and you will traverse nothing twilight colors linger And you will incense-packed breezes can be found in crooning off afar, To in which above the sandbags gleam brand new steely fangs out of battle.

All nights the new frogs go have a good laugh, all of the day new birds was vocal Throughout the pond at the side of the fresh meadow, because of the road poplar-layered, On the planet within trenches was a million blooms springing ‘Twixt the fresh grass from silver bayonets where lines out of battle wind Where child enjoys manned the trenches to your maiming out-of his type.

Into the bloke into Effective Services, w’en ‘e happens along the sea, ‘E’s bound to stand in terror of all things ‘age does not get a hold of, A great ‘and you may grenade otherwise mortar because makes another front side Your are able to see an’ ‘ear it comin’, which means you merely methods out. V’en the new breezes fills your own trenches which have hasfixiatin’ energy, You sets on the respirator an’ lets this new posts to take and pass. W’en you are against an excellent feller which have a great bayonet much time an’ keen, Merely ‘ave purchase of the weapon an’ you can easily exercise the fresh new beggar clean. W’en son and you can ‘oss was chargin’ your, upon the hips your kneel, An’ connect brand new ‘oss’s breastbone that have an inches otherwise a couple of material. It is sure to avoid the canter, an’ just like the animal ends This new rider pitches give an’ you catch ‘i’m because ‘age falls. It’s w’en ‘e observes ‘is possibilities, an’ ‘elizabeth understands ‘is actually method about that a beneficial bloke are damned unlucky if the e’s knocked completely out. But out on Energetic Service discover risks everywhere, The fresh shrapnel layer and bullet which comes on you clueless, The latest saucy little rifle is actually a great perky absolutely nothing maid, An’ w’en you have got ‘er message you ‘ave complete the last procession. The fresh five-point-four tend to search you against some distant leafy timber, An’ taps your to the napper an’ you might be out of action once and for all. Regarding gun during the spinney toward sniper up an excellent forest You will find terrors waitin’ Tommy throughout the things ‘elizabeth cannot pick.

Our dated battalion billets nonetheless, Parades as always go on, I belt inside the having correct an excellent often And you will everyday all of our products don Because if i supposed to endeavor, but zero! Brand new firearms is actually roaring through the air, The newest trenches contact us towards the, however, oh!

In the evening the new celebrities was radiant bright The outdated industry sound are whispering close, We have heard they if the moon try light, And you may London’s streets was in fact most beloved; However, dearer today he is, date, Brand new busses powering with the Strand, – However, we are thus far, yet aside, For every single lonely when you look at the another type of home.

But, precious, having belief out (New candle dwindles to your parmesan cheese)* I wish the ocean were not thus broad When length provides such advice as these.

  • The outdated Sweats manner sconces off cheese.

That glimpse to see the newest overseas heavens, One check out mention new superstars o’erhead, Sweet thoughts for you, date, and i also Turn in to help you billet barn, and sleep

Brand new firefly haunts have been illuminated yet ,, As we scaled the top new parapet; Nevertheless East became pale to another fire, As our very own bayonets gleamed because of the foeman’s cord; And heavens is tinged with gold and you may grey, And significantly less than the base the newest dead males put, Intense of the loop-holed barricade; Dinner of your bomb and hand-grenade; Nonetheless throughout the slushy pond and mud – Ah I the road i showed up try a road of bloodstream, As soon as we decided to go to Loos am.