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Apple regularly releases new Apple Developer Program license agreements that all customers must accept. By not accepting the latest agreement, optix is not pushing updates to your apps as white label, such as new features and troubleshooting. To accept the last agreement, please follow these steps: On the page with the developer agreement, check box I agree, then tap on the send, nothing happens. On Chrome, Firefox, Edge hasn`t tried anything yet. Is there a problem with the website or am I doing something wrong? ScreenShot I`m trying to download Xcode for my Mac, During installation, I need to confirm the Apple developer`s agreement. But after accepting the terms and conditions, the “Send” button does not react. I am using OS versions 10.10.5 and Safari 10.0.2. So I can`t go ahead and download the same thing. I have a red banner on my account and I can check the agreement. But there`s nothing in the agreement or at the bottom to say, “Yes, I accept it,” and here I had this problem when I tried to create a developer account. The “Send” button did nothing but update the page. It didn`t matter if I was using another browser or another device.

Try going and entering your billing and shipping information before trying again. It worked for me. I want to register as an Apple developer, but after clicking on the Send button and more than 10 minutes, it is still not ready to find a solution, since I have already developed a game, I just want to register in the developer program and publish it on the Appstore / iTunes. The same thing here, I reported a similar issue in 2013 and some people seem to have solved the problem by creating another Apple ID, but it didn`t work for me either. I hope someone reads these messages :/ Try submitting this agreement on another operating system like Windows, Android, etc. on the Apple Developer site with your Apple account. After sending, go back to your MacBook and try to sign in, and it should work. Pages and other pages I visited while trying to join the development program. I have the lowest safari, chrome üzerinden deneme yaptım aynı sıkıntı bendede mevcut acaba bakım çalışmasımı var apple arkadaşlar yardımcı ol sevinirim I use Google Chrome OS macOS Sierra Vrs 10.12.6 In `iTunes Connect` on `Users and Rolls` under `Rolls` page press the “?” next to “Roll”. next to “Roll”. It would seem that a person with “Admin” or “App Manager” can customize anyone`s roles. So try to activate the control box that gives you the “Legal” role.

Note: This article is only relevant for customers who have white label apps. When I unsubscribe and sign up, I come back to the same screen. Same problem here. You`d think Apple would fix that now In that case, I wouldn`t accept any further action there at this point. Now wait. for each category. . . .

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